5 Steps To Drive Traffic To Your Website Through Instagram

Are you looking for how to drive traffic from Instagram? Then this post is for you. We will help you to find the best way to drive massive traffic from the Instagram to your website. Firstly, we would like you to know about some basic data of Instagram. Here we go!

Total Number of Monthly Active Instagram Users: – 1 billion+

Total Number of Daily Active Instagram Users: –  500 Million+

Instagram Stories Daily Active Users:- 500 Million+

So, Above mentioned data clearly says that how important is to  your business to have presence on Instagram. As we can not ignore such massive amount of users. And if your business has no presence on Instagram then it means you are losing exposure of 1 billion+ users every month. Now let’s talk about the ways to get traffic from an Instagram (IG) to your website.

Here Are The 5 Applicable Ways To Drive Traffic From An Instagram To Your Website:-

  • Instagram Profile:- It matters a lot that profile must be a business account if you don’t have it. Don’t worry you can go to the settings and go to the account and then click to the bottom highlighted “Switch to Professional Account”. After doing this now you can visit the insights of your profile. These insights will tell you about the last 7 days new users visited to your profile, number of likes, types of audience, impressions, reach and engagements.

Now the point is how to drive traffic from an Instagram to your website. If you have a business account then you can easily list your  products to your Instagram page with link of your website. Adding product tags in Instagram posts is easy but you must be approved for shopping on Instagram. And if you are an approved member then you can start tagging products in your post and stories.

  • Things to mention while posting on an Instagram:- Firstly,  Your post should be an attractive one also it can be some kind of an info-graphic. So that user can easily get engaged with it. Secondly you have to add some call to action to the caption of the post like “For more information click the link in bio”, “Discover more by clicking the link in bio”. An attractive content makes post engaging. Here are some thing which makes your post more engaging like by replying to the each and every comment, and must participate to the others accounts posts by commenting or liking it. Also, don’t forget to put description of 2-3 lines to your post and 10-15 related hashtags. We all know very well about the power of hashtags!

  • Instagram Stories:-  Instagram Stories is the best way to get clicks and page views to your website from Instagram. Try to put 5-8 or more stories in a day. Posting that much story make your Instagram page an active page.  Also, if you have 10k+ followers then you can use the most powerful feature “Swipe Up” of Instagram. Always, add swipe up link button with a call to action button to your story. Hence, it is the best way to drive traffic back to your website from an Instagram.

  • Instagram Influencers:-  It is the part of Influential marketing. Influential marketing is the way to create your positive and strong presence of the brand among influencers. Most of the brands use this strategy to spread their brand awareness. It is very simple to approach. Here is the way! First of all make a list of bloggers who resembles to your niche. And put DM them a simple collaboration message. There are types of collaboration like barter or paid. It totally depends upon your business. For sure, this strategy can help you in driving a lots of traffic from an Instagram.

  • Instagram Paid Campaign:- Instagram advertising is often use to grow brand awareness, website traffic, generate new leads. While, you are planning to do Instagram advertising then make sure to use the set of images, or video (which can be accompanied by text) to reach your audience with Instagram ads. As, it looks more engaging and will get good reach as well as  a good amount of traffic to your website from an Instagram. Also, like other social media account Instagram too gives you the control to target specific genders, age ranges, locations, interests, behaviors, and more. You can even target a custom audience. Always check your insights before targeting your audience.

Now, the only thing which you have to take care after implementing above strategies is the mobile view of your website. Optimize you website in a accordance with Google guidelines.  You can test your website by using Google’s Mobile Friendly tool. As, you know very well bounce rate matters a lot. If your website will load slow or not able to cover the mobile screen perfectly. Then for sure it will affect the amount of traffic from an Instagram to your website.

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