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You definitely have these questions in your mind such as, What books should I read for self improvement? What do you read for success? What are some of the best self help books? Why reading is the key to success? How can you improve yourself? Which are the good books for self improvement?

Relax, we are here to solve all your questions. If you are searching for the best books for self improvement and self help, then you definitely have arrived the right place.

Here, we have shared the best inspirational books for self improvement. Find out which one of these you have already read and how many more you have to read now.

1. The power of positive thinking

the power of positive thinking
The power of positive thinking

A book by Norman Vincent Peale,’ The Power Of Positive Thinking ‘ is a self improvement book originally published in 1952. It became really popular in public’s opinion. Peale’s work describes how to achieve a permanent and optimistic attitude through unending positive conscious thought, usually through affirmations or visualizations. Peale writes that such techniques will give the reader a higher satisfaction and quality of life.


2. How to win friends & influence people

how to win friends and influence people

Dale Carnegie, an internationally best selling author’s book- How to win friends and influence people is a highly motivating book to read. It is a self help book published n 1936, almost sold over 30 million copies. Also, listed as Times magazine 100 most influential books in 2011. This book states that as long as you are surrounded with good friends and family you will probably stay good and motivated in personal and business life both. From the mentioned 11 books for self improvement, this is one of the best and the interesting one.

3. Think & Grow Rich

Think and grow rich
Think and grow rich

A Napoleon Hill book, written in 1973 is a personal development and a self improvement book. Think & Grow Rich states that if someone has faith, desire and persistence then he can definitely reach towards great heights and can repel negative thoughts. It is definitely a must read book for every book lover, specially the one who seek motivation.


4. The subtle art of not giving a fuck

the subtle art of not giving a fuck

A counterintuitive approach to lead a good life, ‘The Subtle Art of not giving a Fuck’ is a book written by Mark Manson. In this book Mark Manson argues about the struggles in life and the mindless positivity of self help books.


5. Crush it!

books for self improvement


Why now is the time to Crush It! cash in your passion. This book encourages people that it’s the perfect time to make their a passion a way of living. By this book, readers have learned that how to harness the power of internet and make their entrepreneur dreams to come true.

6. The 4-hour work weekbooks for self improvement


A Timothy Ferriss book, The 4- hour work week is a self help book which encourage people to escape those 9-5 life and asks to live anywhere and join the new rich. It was translated into almost 40 languages and 2 million copies have been sold until now.

7. Zero to One

books for self improvement

A Peter Thiel book, Zero to One notes on startups and explains how to build the future. Among the mentioned 11 books for self improvement, it is one of the best specially if you are thinking to open a startup or have any business plans.


8. Habits of highly effective people 

books for self improvement

The 7 Habits of highly effective people, written by Stephen R Covey, is a book based on the powerful lessons in personal change. It was published in 1989 as a business and a self help book and almost over 25 Million copies were sold until now. This is definitely a best option for the ones who are looking for the self improvement books.

9. The lean startupbooks for self improvement

One of the best and most motivational book to start a startup written by Eric Ries.  ‘The Lean Startup’ explains about how nowdays entrepreneurs use the continuous innovation to create radically successful business. It’s definitely a must read book and one of the best book for self improvement as an entrepreneur.


10. Good to greatself improvement books


‘Good to Great’, written by Jim Collins is a management book, published on October 16, 2001. It is one of the #1 best seller and has almost sold 4 million copies.

11. The art of warself improvement books


A Stephen E Kaufman book, ‘Art of War’ defines the definitive interpretation of Sun Tzu’s classic book of strategy.

Are you a frequent reader? Which is your favorite book or novel? Must share your views in the comment box.


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