10 Reasons to join the 5 AM Club


Starting your day early in the morning is a very effective productivity hack as you can get more work done and the a head start compared to others.

As they say 5 Am is the time when legends either wake up or go to sleep. Here are the top 10 reasons to join the 5 AM club that everyone should read and follow to lead a healthy and successful life.

  • No disruptions.
  • Builds discipline.
  • Peace and Quiet.
  • Watch the sunrise.
  • Faster commute.
  • Good time to exercise.
  • You’re more likely to work.
  • Less likely to procrastinate.
  • Builds momentum for the day.
  • Mental edge over other people. 

Talk about these 10 reasons to join the 5 AM club in more detail.

1. No disruptions.

reasons to join the 5 am club

Every morning we have two choices either, continue to sleep with our dreams or wake up and chase them. 5 Am is the time, when you can work without any disturbance, as 5 am -8 am is the most valuable time where there are very less interruptions.


2. Builds discipline.

join the 5 am club

If you want to get the most benefit of waking up early at 5 AM, then focus on yourself and not anyone else. By joining the 5 AM club , you’ll get more time with less distractions to get things done. Also, it will build your will power as, getting up early from bed is not an easy task. As, discipline is just choosing between , what we want now and what we want the most.

The discipline is the bridge between your goals and accomplishments.


3. Peace and Quiet.join 5 am club

There are so many pros of waking up early as it results in increase of mental health, builds discipline for everything else and we will be able to slow down and not rush at work. So, if you want to make your dreams come true, the first thing you have to do is wake up.


4. Watch the sunrise.

reasons to join the 5am club

To be able to watch sunrise everyday is priceless as sunrise reminds us that while there are clouds in our life, the beauty is in the way. The light still shines through them. So, wake up, get outside watch the sunrise and see how does that make you feel? Does it make you feel big or tiny? Because there is something good in feeling both.

       Life is getting up an hour early to live an hour more.


5. Faster commute.5 AM club


6. Good time to exercise.

Early is a priceless timepiece, only owned by the successful. So, work hard, stay positive and get up early as, it is the best part of the day specially to exercise. It is easier to wake up early and do exercise than looking in a mirror each day and not like what you see. So, rise at 5 am and spend that first hour on your fitness, gratitude and reading.

           Rise and shine, it’s exercise time.


7. You’re more likely to work.

reasons to join the 5 am club

Always wake up early, drink a coffee, work hard be ambitious. Keep your mind high, heads up and your priorities straight. Do well, live well and also dress really well. Do what you love and love what you do, in simple start living your life. Don’t think about what will happen in a month or in an year. Just focus on your 24 hours in front of you and do your best to get closure to what you always want to be.


8. Less likely to procrastinate.

how to wake up at 5 am

Waking up at 5 AM is not an easy task. If you want to be successful and change your life permanently and make it stable then you must need to practice the habit as many times as it takes until it becomes your lifestyle. so, wake up early everyday and make your dreams come true, while others are still dreaming .


9. Builds momentum for the day.

join the 5 am club


It is important to know how you approach your mornings. As, your rest of the day depends on it. Always take out same time to address your health, sleep, happiness and higher self. Remember, that the day will be what you make it. So, always rise like a sun and burn.


10. Mental edge over other people.

member of 5 am club

There are 4 important qualities that you build everyday when you join the 5 AM club, these are mindset, heartset, healthset, soulset. As, you already won the battle of the bed by putting your mind over the mattress by joining the 5 AM club. As, dreams only get done when you are awake.

Dream big but, wake up early to actualize them.


Are you a morning person? Must share your views in the comment box.


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  5. Being alone has a power that very few can handle.
  6. Mindset is what separates the best from the rest.


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