These amazing digital marketing job profiles has a wide scope in India. Through Digital marketing one can hold an in-demand profession. Nowadays brands are getting super active to focus on digital marketing. To make there space in the online world. Hence, the internet marketing skills are in a great demand widening its scope in the market space.

Increased pay and multiple career choices are the salient advantages of having a digital marketing career. Apart from these, there is also a broad scope of digital marketing. As promoting and branding business through various online marketing strategies is the fastest and the most reliable mode of marketing to target mass audience.

Here the Top 10 Digital marketing job profile. That you can opt for if you are looking to establish your career in Digital Marketing :

Social Media Marketing
  • Social Media Marketing Expert:

If you are social junkie and have an hand on most of the social media platform. Then this is the profile that can best suit you. Also, scope of social media marketing is increasing very rapidly in 2019.

As a social media marketing expert you will simply have to gain website traffic through social media platforms. Through crafting creative content. That can attract the attention of the users. That they just have to click on the share button to get more audience to read it. Social media is best platform in digital marketing to influence people and get your website your targeted audience.

However, the task is not as simple as it sounds. If you are planning to be social media expert. You should have the proper knowledge in each of these networking platform in order to stand out from the rest. A thorough understanding regarding the content. That you need to post in a day. Number of posts that are required to be posted and the types of the posts. That can help you generate maximum user engagement. And, the ways to use each platform in a way that can help you achieve specific goals is vital.

Search Engine Optimization
  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO SPECIALIST):

The sole aim of digital marketing is to get a brand maximum traffic in the online space. And, this is achieved through the different strategies of online marketing. SEO is amongst the most important strategy in online marketing that can generate the maximum traffic to a website. Many brands and businesses rely on search engine optimization tactics. In order to rank there website on top in the search engine optimization pages.

SEO helps a brand to be ahead of their competitors in search engine pages. Though SEO algorithms are constantly changing, SEO and SEM specialists should be aware of the know how of creating such content that ensures a company’s website is reached to it’s targeted audience. This is one of the best digital marketing job profile. Which can also lend you to freelance marketing positions and are good for people who enjoy working remotely. 

  • E-mail Marketing Specialist:

In Digital marketing email marketing is another way to get in touch with your targeted audience. An Email marketing specialist’s duty is to create and launch email campaigns. In addition to maintaining databases with customer information and various lists. Email marketing specialists should have strong writing and editing skills, particularly in persuasive writing.

An attractive email can help you connect a lot of people and one can reach maximum audience through this technique. We can say email marketing specialist is the another interesting digital marketing job profile.

Content Marketing
  • Content Marketing (Content Writer):

Content is the key in any platform from offline to online, content is required in every field. As, in digital marketing also. A content marketing specialist is the one who is responsible to create creative content that is unique and not plagiarized. If a person needs to get his/her website ranked in the search engine pages. Content is main ingredient that is required to reach on top.

It’s an icing on the cake if a content writer also knows about SEO friendly content. Which can help any brand to target a particular keyword and rank on top in the search engine pages. A content marketing specialist role is to write content. That is user friendly, unique and that can help a website rank in the search engine pages. Hence it is the most demanding digital marketing job profile.

Pay Per Click
  • Pay per click ( PPC Manager):

A PPC / Paid Search Manager is a person who is responsible in implementing Pay Per Click media strategies for clients i.e conducting ads through paid marketing that are run over the internet and results in getting traffic.

The PPC manager (another amazing digital marketing job profile) is required to quickly understand, manage, and support initiatives that will contribute to the goals and success of client campaigns. A PPC manager is an expert in internet advertising, they are responsible for planning and optimising the effectiveness of online advertising campaigns to get maximum traffic.

  • Online reputation management :

Brand reputation is everything for ant start up or any big enterprise. Through ORM services one can entail various techniques that create positive image in an organization online and remove all the negative comment that are there on the internet.

An ORM specialist is responsible in removing all the negative comments of a brand that are there on the internet and help a brand manage there online reputation that is designed specially to acquire the most from search engine results and social media among other online platforms.

Internet Of Things
  • Internet of Things Marketing Specialist:

The Internet of Things is the collection of everyday products like smartwatches, smartphones and other devices that are connected to computing devices via the internet. It allows to exchange data with each other, providing the iot marketers with more context about their customers’ product usage.

This also enables the iot marketers to deliver more relevant messages and generate leads to get great customer engagement. An Internet of things marketing specialists use the data collected from these devices to create campaigns that work for people who use the devices.

Data Analyst
  • Data analyst :

A Data analyst’s – Digital marketing job profile is responsible in creating systems to organize and examine all the collected data so that companies can interpret it and apply it to their digital marketing campaigns. With the rise of artificial intelligence (AI) and the Internet of Things (IOT) in digital marketing, there’s an enormous amount of collected data and information to categorize and analyze.

A data analyst is required to manage all this collected data and help the brand apply it to their online campaigns accordingly.

Graphic Designer
  • Graphic Designer:

If you are planning to be a Graphic designer you need to be very creative. That you can  create unique visual concepts, by hand or using computer software. That can help a brand communicate ideas that inspire, inform, or attract consumers.

They are responsible in developing the overall layout and production design for advertisements, brochures, magazines, and corporate reports. They need to work with both text and images. A graphic designer’s duty also includes deciding how images and text will go together on a print or webpage. Including how much space each will have.

  •  Digital Marketing Manager:

A Digital marketing manager plays a critical role in overseeing and implementing digital campaigns. The skill set required for this job profile is much more diverse than traditional marketing specialists. A digital marketing executive need to have knowledge in the computer sciences field.

They should also have major knowledge in marketing. Also, a minor in computer science is a great way to prepare for the field of internet marketing. He/she should also be aware of creating content that is seen online to advertise for a business, product or service.

A Digital marketing manager is responsible for laying out a project, creating a timeline, setting milestones, and managing budgets, among other tasks. They are tasked with developing/enhancing a business’ online presence. Basically they are required to manage the demographic of the business’ website through a variety of online marketing techniques.

Today Digital marketing is the most sought-after career. As per the statistics show that currently digital marketing industry is booming worldwide. It is offering almost 8lakhs jobs in the very first quarter of 2017. The rapid growth in the number of Digital Marketing Training institutes and Digital marketing companies across the country is proof enough for the anticipated possibilities in this field.

Internet marketing industry celebrates a very open culture. With more advanced tools knowledge advancement. Empiricism holds a big portion pushes an individual for being the next level of the marketer. There is a great scope in digital marketing offering an umpteen number of sub-branches within this field. Such as SEO analyst, Social media marketing executive, online reputation management executive, digital marketing manager, PPC specialist and so on. And so is the remuneration package range as considered the number of companies that have been established across the countries.

Today the audience have to be approached personally as their attention is fragmented across a range of channels and devices. There are so many channels. Like internet, mobile apps that have crushed the influence of TV, direct mail, and magazine ads. Only online marketing can offer customers personal relevant, timely product and service information via preferred channels.

If you are planning to get in any of the above digital marketing job profile. Then you may not think twice as the scope of digital marketing. Today is the most sought after offering the high pay in any of it’s profile.

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