Mindset is what separates the best from the rest.



Our life is a journey, in which there are many obstacles in our path. But, it is just the Mindset which separates the best from the rest. Because, everyone got two eyes but no one has the same view.


What is Mindset ?

In general theory, a mindset consists a set of assumptions, notations or methods held by one or group of people or even more. In simple, Mindset is changing the way you think to fulfill your potential. It explains, how only brain and talent can’t bring success.


U don't need a better phone,
U don't need a better home,
U don't need better circumstances,
What u need is a better mindset.

Never let the small minds convince you, that your dreams are way too big. And never stop learning. In fact, confuse those low minds with your silence and amaze them with your actions.

There are three things one must do in order to become wealthy . That is,

  1. one must have right mindset ,
  2. discover your purpose in life ,
  3. find a business that expresses that purpose.


“We cannot solve our problems by the same thought, which we used when we created them.”


We always spends too much time focusing on what other people think and do. Instead of maintaining an attitude of gratitude, we are always busy in looking outside of ourselves and constantly confronted with what we do not have. This obsessive observation of other people, creates a subtle sense of envy in our minds. So, the best change one needs to make is to stop underestimating your own value and power, and wasting your thoughts on others, if you want to be successful in future.

Expect the best,
prepare for the worst.
And capitalize on what comes

Hustle beats talent, when talent doesn’t hustle.

Stop focusing on others and start looking in within. No matter what we are , who we are, there is something about every single person that separates them from the masses. Each one of us has a completely different kind of perspective in this world which will help us in achieving our definition of success. It’s just that, all we need is perseverance, determination, consistency and a profound appreciation of our own thoughts and values.

After discovering our own value what we need to be successful is :

  • Determination. One should be grounded and serve their purpose. We should be determined and always aware of our thoughts and views. Also , we should desire to practice those thoughts and values to make meaningful contributions to have a successful future.


  • Consistency. After determination next step towards success is to build a foundation of positivity and good deeds. These positive practices will show a way and propel us towards our dream goal.


  • Perseverance. The final step is the tenacious ability to handle different as well as difficult circumstances and delay instant gratification.

When we know our true worth and consistently sustain our physical, mental, and emotional well being then, we can achieve our every desires in life.



The best time to plant a tree was 20 years ago, the second best time is now..

As long as we are surrounded with good people and know our worth and always being passionate about our dreams, then only we are able to achieve happiness and success. Because, the discipline of those people who are great is what makes them great and different from every other individual.

Mindset, is what gives us a clear image of our goals so we can execute our plans without any doubts. If you see a glass half full instead of considering it as half empty only then you will feel empowered, positive and energetic and even more courageous.



The champion minded have great desires.

The best of the best are deeply obsessed in getting more better than what they already are. When it comes to complete a required work, they have a totally different relationship with time and effort. They never makes excuses and also  they do not have time for people who makes them either. They are on a complete different mission from the rest of the people – a mission to succeed.



i believe in myself,
i am motivated,
i am driven,
i am dedicated,
i am confident,
i am fearless,
i am taking action today,
cause i do have a mindset.


Success is a little like wrestling a gorilla. You don’t quit when you are tired, you quit when the gorilla is tired. People that increase their level of focus in high pressure situations achieve success when they master their unique talents.


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Gehna Bhardwaj

The best things in life are not things....

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